The company’s focus on excellence is reflected by the dedication and care Marcegaglia Colombia pays in any phase of its production including documental support.
Downstream, the latest-generation Marcegaglia technology used on Funza plant linesincludes a series of in-line operations such as leak bubble test for the tubes (150 -180 Psi), leak test with Helio equipment (120 Psi) and dimensional inspection, each process stage.

Marcegaglia’s certified production system ensures that products are completely traceable throughout the entire production chain, from the original material to chemical and mechanical properties, to guarantee absolute suitability for the specific applications in accordance with the relevant standards.
After welding and testing, tubes are cut to length, packaged and stored according to any specific requirement.



  • Leak bubble test for the tube (150 -180 Psi)
  • Dimensional inspection, each process stage


  • Test of internal residue for soluble and insoluble
  • Internal humidity tests. Maximum 50 mg/l.
  • Compatibility test with R134 A – R600 A gas. (miscibility / paraffins).
  • Corrosion Test: Salt Spray to warrantee >/= 240 h with 10% maximum red corrosion at welding points.
  • Test of resistance and curing of the protective paint
  • Thickness of layer (Elcometer)
  • Painting Hardness: minimum 4H of pencil test
  • Flexibility.
  • Adherence grid method
  • Cured Isobutyl methyl Ketone